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6 Pcs Small Rainbow Arcs and Skittles


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We just love open ended toys and rainbow toys are just that!  These small arcs are perfect for a young kid's tiny hands.  They will learn how to grip and arrange the arcs in any way they want.  The vivid rainbow colors are also attractive to young kids and they can practice color identification and matching.


  1. Sharpens spatial awareness.
  2. Refine hand and eye coordination.
  3. Improves nesting and stacking ability.
  4. Promotes creativity.
  5. Improves problem-solving skills.


  • Includes 6 arcs of different colors and sizes and 6 skittles of different colors.
  • Size of the whole rainbow is approximately 14 x 3 x 7 cm.
  • Height of each skittle is about 5 cm.
  • Material is wood.